Emergency Bus / Coach and Controller Hire

24-Hour vehicle replacement service

We all know how long it takes to get a replacement vehicle with drivers in the early hours of the
morning, every phone call seems to be met with "got no drivers"
or " got nothing in the yard" which usually means 'let me go back to sleep'!

At Blueline Travel we will get your vehicle replaced, usually within 2-hours anywhere within the UK,

Once again we do remind people, promises are cheap, action is more expensive!
For rapid vehicle replacement in the UK please call the listed number.

Blueline Travel 24/7 Number- 01702 258118 ( 0900-1700). out of hours number 07884 323007

24-Hour controller Hire

As well as the operation and provision of coaches and buses we also have a dedicated team of experienced Rail and Event control staff whom are available to oversee your rail contract or event and provide both a professional and reliable service.
Whatever the time of day or night we can be called upon to provide Controllers at key locations and if required also schedule the service to your requirements

Rail and Tube Strikes/Closures

With closures of Tube and Rail lines for various reasons, we can provide transportation for both corporate and private hire customers whether its to transport your workers to and from work across London or run a shuttle bus from various mainline train stations to and from the workplace...whatever you require with us you can hire!! With the vehicles displaying signage in their front windscreen to ensure the passengers board the correct vehicle and are conveyed to their correct destination we oversee the operation and ensure you have peace of mind

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